Wednesday, September 19, 2012

One-Pot Dinners

One-pot dinners were made for me.

If I could just throw everything into one pot and call it dinner, I would.

I made the veggie tonight.  It was kale.  I threw everything into the big pot, forgetting that I was supposed to saute the bacon and onions first, not all together.  It took a while for the kale to defrost.

I'm surprised that I bothered  remembered to cut up the bacon  - before I cooked it.

Also in that pot were several pats of butter and about half a cup of coconut water.

The only reason I make kale occasionally is because we need to eat more veggies, and kale packs a real nutritional punch.

Hubby tolerates it.  Cousin likes it (I think).  I love it.  Well, these statements are only true if bacon is included.

Food preparation would be so much easier if all I had to do was throw stuff in.  That's what I like about making smoothies.

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