Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Margo Handbag - Step 2

Step Two is to make the pattern pieces.

I've been questioned about making pattern pieces for a rotary cutter project.  I like to lay out the pieces to see how they will fit on the fabric before I cut them.  I did this with the Runaround Bag project:

This purse is much bigger, so I taped legal-size sheets of paper together for most of the pattern pieces:

Of course, then I had to cut the pieces to size.  Having a quilting ruler and rotary cutter was a great help:

Here is the stack of pattern pieces, complete with list.  I crossed out each pattern piece on the list as I made it:

The next step is to prepare the fabric.  The fabrics for this purse have already gone through the washer and dryer three times - because they are 100% cotton.  What I really have to do is steam press the fabrics into smooth submission so the final pieces do not get distorted when I cut them out.

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