Friday, October 31, 2014

Margo Handbag - Step 5

Step five is to prepare and cut out the contrast fabric.

The Margo Handbag pattern is designed to use four coordinating fabrics.  I found two fabrics that I like together, and I "don't wants no more."

Besides, when I bought my last two purses, I was told they were made with light-toned interior fabric so the contents could be readily seen, like this:

Here is the main fabric:

Here is the contrast fabric:

First, I steam pressed the contrast fabric and laid it out on the table:

After cutting one end of the fabric straight, I placed pattern pieces on the fabric to check the layout.  Here are the pieces for the front and back, front and back pockets, and insert sleeve:

The length of the big pieces is 15 inches, The small pieces are 4-3/4" by 11-1/2 inches.

I started by cutting across the fabric at the 12-inch mark for the front and back pieces.  Then I cut across the fabric at the 24-inch mark for the front and back pocket lining pieces.


Here is how I ensure that the ruler will be laid straight before I use it.  I go to the end of the fabric that's not near the numbers showing inches on the cutting mat.  I measure from the zero line and place something on the table to point to the correct measurement.  This picture shows that I put a bottle cap at the 24-inch mark:

The 24-inch mark is closer to the left side of the cutting table.  I want to cut from that side, so the edge of the ruler used with the rotary cutter is on the right side.  I stand at the end of the table by the numbers, I place the far end of the cutting edge of the ruler on the same line as the bottle cap.  Then I lay the ruler down with the near end of the cutting edge at the number 24:

Back to our regular program:

I cut off the selvage, made two cross cuts 15 inches apart, and made one more cross cut 11-1/2 inches away.  The last piece I cut into two strips 4-3/4" wide:

I cut the lining and inside pocket pieces in a similar fashion.  The lining pieces are 17 inches by 14 inches, and the inside pocket pieces are 17 inches by 10 inches.

The long cuts are 14 inches from the right side, then 10 inches from the first cut.  The cross cuts are 17 inches apart:

All the fabric pieces are paired with their pattern pieces, and are off the table.

The next step is to make the front and back pockets, and maybe more.

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